Feminist hip hop and electronica in ancestral languages

A-WA, which stands for ‘Yes!’, are 3 sisters of Yemeni origin who were born in Shaharut, a community of approximately 30 families in the desert valley of Arava in southern Israel. They blend traditional chants and rhythms with hip-hop, funk and electronic music, making them the most explosive musical emergence in Israel in recent years. Their songs and the language in which they communicate them build bridges between cultures, their music unites ancestral melodies with contemporary sounds. A combination that has been praised by media such as Rolling Stone, ELLE, Glamour, and Stylist Magazine, and attracted the likes of Pitbull himself, who has dared to remix them. A-WA cry out in their concerts and in their videos for a femininity and feminism without cultural or aesthetic borders. They use sarcasm and irony to denounce social issues that concern them. Their artistic abilities transcend the musical aspect, as they are actively involved in the script and direction of their video clips, their image and graphic design, and their wardrobe.

A-WA – “Habib Galbi” (Official Video):

A-WA live @ NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert:

A-WA live – Habib Galbi – Galaxy Barn @ Pickathon 2017:

A-WA live – Womex Showcase 2015:

A-WA – “Hana Mash Hu Al Yaman” (Official Video):