It has rained a lot since in 2005 with its first and self-titled LP, Balkan Beat Box gave a coup to the patterns of traditional music and new trends, creating a new style, which surprised both critics and audiences from all over the world. planet. Dissatisfied with what was happening in the world, his lyrics have always been full of messages of protest, of cries for peace and unity. They were never pigeonholed into any musical style because the creators of this original musical amalgam are as different as the origin of its components [Tomer Yosef (voice, percussion, samplers), Ori Kaplan (sax) and Tamir Muskat (drums, programming)], and as versatile as the exploration that they carry out album by disk, in root music, electronic and urban music.

After four years of the publication of “Give”, the long-awaited return of Balkan Beat Box, “Shout It Out”, arrived, being tremendously well received by all its followers, once again breaking clichés. Tracks like “I Trusted U” or “Chin Chin” quickly surpassed one million views.

This 2021, Balkan Beat Box has returned with “Long Time Coming” a single preview of what will be their next album, which they are already preparing in the studio and which will be released at the end of the year.