Banda Senderos es actualmente una de las bandas más prometedoras de la escena musical alemana. The nine friends from countries as different as Chile, Congo, Poland and Germany met in the “Ruhrpott” (former industrial zone in western Germany). The group offers a Reggae-Dancehall with electronic touches  offering  a super-powerful and fun live show.  Its precise rhythms and  sub-bass, its majestic wind arrangements and the lyrics in German, Spanish and English of the two singers make Banda Senderos a delight for lovers  of urban pop music.  His album “Oase”, produced by Guido Craveiro (Seed, Dub Inc. etc) and released in June 2019, has been presented and celebrated at many German festivals such as Summerjam and Black Forest on Fire and also at Yaam, the Berlin’s mythical reggae venue. Also the first appearances at festivals in Holland and Switzerland have opened the international horizon. Banda Senderos is ready to conquer the whole world in 2022!

Line up:

Sebastián Campos – Voice

Dan Brown – Voice

Julian Kühn – Drums

David Fiege – Guitar

Pascal Wenske – Bass

Jacek Brzozowski – Keyboards, Samples

Dominik Ohlmann – Trumpet

Johannes Hartogh – Saxophone

Jens Kolpatzik – Trombone