In colombia, the goats unite peoples, transport cultures, are points of contact. In the world, La Chiva Gantiva transfers the musical wealth from which its members originate and transform and reinterpret it to update it and translate it into portentous songs with which they bring us closer to that legacy. Last year they celebrated their first decade on stage and presented two singles to commemorate this anniversary: “Hermano Yo” produced by Richard Blair and “Todo Bien” produced by Rafael Espinel (leader of the band) in collaboration with Jupiter & Okwess and Jacobo Vélez El Callegueso.

The group is made up of three Colombians, a Chilean, a Belgian and a Vietnamese, who met in Brussels, where they reside. They are explorers and bridge between the sounds of the folklore of ancient peoples and they combine them in a prodigious way with combative rhythms such as punk and ska. This strong eclecticism was reflected in the group’s third album, “Despegue”, under the baton of producers Vincent Poujolv and Iván Benavides (Sidestepper, Carlos Vives). In this 2021, the band works intensively in the studio for a new album inspired by world events. 

They are also preparing their new show, which they will present between May and December throughout Europe. It is on the stages where La Chiva Gantiva sweeps away with an overwhelming live show. “They put together a frenzied carnival hubbub, exploding like a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and fiercely funky Latin rhythms,” said The Times.  of his concert.