The parents of the ‘ethnobass’ return to the load

Noise Of Human Art (NOHA) it sprays the boundaries between jazz, drum & bass, hiphop, funk, Balkan music, flamenco, Brazilian beats, swing or ancient African rhythms. The prominence of the basses and the omnipresent electronic base added to that root eclecticism has generated its own style: the Ethnobass . A cross between Fuel Fandango and Asian Dub Foundation, but that was born in Prague in 1995 . They have several studio albums and years of international touring experience. Hits like Balkan hot step (chosen by Nike for one of their campaigns) , Money and Your coffee , among others, have sounded on stations around the world.

On stage, NOHA behaves like an impetuous force, an energy that is highly contagious. They are one of the most important and influential bands in electronic music and their overwhelming live show has closed some of the most important festivals in Europe. The American singer, Kaia Brown gives a new dimension to the group’s music and live performance thanks to her extraordinary voice. Together with the also American ‘frontman’, Chevalier ‘MC Chevy’ Hadley, they manage to drive crazy the public with whom they love to interact.

After establishing themselves in 2014 with their performances at the Alrumbo, Reperkusión and Fuerteventura en Música festivals, they have regularly visited our country, and they have an army of faithful who are looking forward to their annual appointment with the band. In 2020 they released the new studio album: ‘Process of living’ which had as a preview ‘Patata Puta’ and a powerful and elegant soul ‘Pressure’ that allows the vocalist, Kaia to eat the stage with her torrent of voice. They were working on an original video clip for the third single with which they presented the album, ‘Park in the dark’ but due to the pandemic and the closing of borders between the Czech Republic and Germany, they created this original piece: