Noise Of Human Art (N.O.H.A.) is characterized by energy-loaded grooves and its open-genre mixture of drum & bass and world music in a sound we like to call “Ethno-Bass”. The band pulverizes the boundaries between jazz, drum & bass, hiphop, funk, Balkan music, flamenco, Brazilian beats, swing and ancient African rhythms. With several studio albums and years of touring experience under their belts, N.O.H.A. knows how to rock the party. Hits like Balkan Hot Step, Dinero, Tu Café and many others have brought the band to some of the biggest international festival stages.  Singer Kaia Brown gives a new dimension to the group’s music and live performance thanks to her extraordinary voice. Together with frontman Chevalier “MC Chevy” Hadley, they make the audience go crazy. – “Pressure” Live @ MIGHTY SOUNDS: 


N.O.H.A. live – “Tu Café” (Live Double Streaming from Prague & Düsseldorf): 

N.O.H.A. live – “Wanna Play”: