Folklore, Patagonian magic, and urban sound.

“As a group of benevolent mermaids , share seductive harmonies over electronic, hip-hop and Andean rhythms to manifest a safe haven of Venus for the divine feminine to prosper ”, thus describes the United States Rolling Stone publication to the  female group . The last album ‘Perlas y Conchas’  was produced by the musician and producer Will Holland ‘Quantic’ . Counted on the Iggy Pop collaboration , declared an admirer of the trio, garnered praise from numerous media in America and Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising the reception that the new single by Fémina ‘Fantástico’ has had in the international press, a preview of what her new work will be. 

AND l message from Fémina defends with his music the bodily autonomy of women and the LGBTQ community, aspects that are at stake around the world. “The shells transform threats and adversities into treasures: pearls,” said the group’s percussionist. Clara «Wen» Trucco . According to Clara, “we can transform ourselves and sublimate our adversities into something beautiful.” The publication considers that “Fémina imparts inspiring verses that resonate like spells.”

The album ‘Pearls and Shells’ was published in April 2019 and female presented it in Spain on a tour several rooms.