Ready to take your global rhythm to half the world

The music of Ghetto Kumbé prompts you to undertake a joyous journey through time and space, where borders no longer exist and drums and dance abound. The group consists of singer / producer El Guajiro, percussionist Chongo, and West African percussion teacher, Doctor Keyta. This triad of veteran musicians grew up on the rich Caribbean coast of Colombia, musically and culturally. In 2020 they released their first LP, also called ‘Ghetto Kumbé’ (ZZ Records) which has received acclaim from specialized media and featured in 2020 ( Sound and Colors , NPR , The country , Gladys Palmera ). In addition, the Ghetto Kumbé trio has been chosen among more than 400 bands to participate in the Transoceanic Observatory between Spain and Colombia and has this support for its internationalization.

Ghetto Kumbé’s music seamlessly fuses traditional sounds with modern electronic aesthetics and rhythms. For example, their use of call-and-response lyrics comes from the rich African and Afro-Colombian tradition called gaita, and the hand drums and fast rhythms they incorporate also come from Afro-Colombian traditions. This combo of sorcerers, percussionists and machinists invokes audiences around the world and the spirits of digital and conscious rumba in indigenous rituals in which it is impossible not to enter a trance based on Caribbean percussion and Afro-Colombian rhythms. , accompanied by minimalist and elegant electronics. Ghetto Kumbé is the festival of the great neighborhood where we live, Mother Earth, but also the denunciation of social injustices, the colorful indigenous claim in a gray world, with powerful Afro-futurist Caribbean rhythms.

The Bogotá-based band, talented musical melting pot, has been making their mark since they released their debut EP, Kumbé, in 2016. Since then they have been opening act for Radiohead , appeared in the world famous Barranquilla Carnival and have triumphed in festivals such as Etnosur or Fuerteventura En Música in Spain, in addition to travel all over Europe . Now, with their self-titled debut album, released in June, they are ready to take their global sound and messages of unity around the world.