Social commitment made music

The Francisco band, the man he had just released his single, ‘Matilha: coleira ou cholera’ when Brazil, like the rest of the world, came face to face with the pandemic. The confinement in the homes has been a revulsive for the band that has not stopped creating songs with careful collaborations, delicious melodies, caressing rhythms, soothing lyrics …

From the confinement they are ‘Cai’, ‘Together, you are never’, ‘Fumaça de Pamonha’, ‘Bolsa Nada’, ‘Baile Sudaka’, ‘Bebemorando’, ‘Valer la pena’ and ‘Vou pra summit’. All of them with the brilliant collaborations of: Lûe, Sidney Magal, Liniker, Fgon, Moral Distraída, Adoniran Barbosa, Mestrinho, Yorka and Maikão. With the ingenuity that characterizes them, they have launched these themes with their homemade videos and eloquent designs and graphics.

With musical forms somewhat different from his previous album, Francisco, the man continues on his path of crying out for the unity and hope of society, critical of the oppression of economic and political powers in Brazil and for health management, accompanying the people who have experienced the pandemic alone, the country in which the band resides. Mateo Piracés-Ugarte, co-founder of the band, points out that “Francisco, man has always positioned himself on his time when singing, writing or speaking.” Already, his debut album of 2016 contained what is considered an anthem against gender violence ‘Sad, louca ou ma ‘, Grammy nominated and accumulating 20 million listeners on Spotify.

Francisco, the man is made up of Mexicans Mateo and Sebastián Piracés-Ugarte and the Brazilians Juliana Strassacapa and Andrei Martinez Kozyreff . His name is borrowed from Colombian folklore, Francisco, the man . His message appealing to a Latin American identity has captured the attention of promoters and the public from all over the continent. They have performed at the main festivals in Brazil (Rock in Rio or Lollapalooza ), Mexico ( Live Latino, Rock for Life or Supremo Festival ), Chili ( Santiago Off ) Uruguay or Ecuador. His music, a mixture of the tropical, Afro-Latin musical tradition with psychedelic punk-rock and electro-punk, is an explosive cocktail at his concerts.

The work they debuted with, ‘Soltasbruxa’ (2016), It was welcomed by Brazilian critics as a revelation album that portrays the feelings and proposals of the new generation of Brazilian musicians. On his second studio album, 2019’s ‘Rasgacabeza’ , they defined themselves as a “spark and explosion” that serves “to purge experiences and urgencies”. Now they are working on their third studio album.