Concert promoters and audiences agree: Born on the island of Reunion, Morgane Ji is one of the most extraordinary and talented singers you can “discover” today. Her voice is frequently compared to young Tina Turner or Anastacia, while her musical universe hovers somewhere between Peter Gabriel and Dead Can Dance. With the charisma of a high priestess, she performs on electric banjo, performs live with sound effects in her voice, and is accompanied on stage by equally great musicians on electric guitar, bass, and drums. The result is an incredibly powerful and transparent sound that is mesmerizing and danceable at the same time. Morgane Ji presents her current album “Woman Soldier” in 2020, with which she was invited in 2019 to festivals in eleven countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. If you like multi-faceted, powerful and charismatic female singers, you will fall in love with Morgane Ji!