The Skatalites are still in top form

Few bands ever celebrate their 57-year career. And even fewer do it by giving a hundred concerts all over the planet every year. If we add to this the power to boast of being the founding fathers of an entire genre, we are left with one: The Skatalites.

Under the motto “Still rough and tough”, the mythical Jamaican band continues to revolve around the planet, led by its founder, Doreen Shaffer, and the legendary trombonist Vin Gordon, who accompanied Bob Marley for much of his career.

And it is that with The Skatalites it is quite clear that ska is beneficial for health. Because they are fireproof and evolve with the circumstances. Proof of this is the streaming party Skalloween 2020 that was broadcast to the whole world from the Sony Concert Hall in New York.