The return of the pioneers of the pungle

After meeting again, La Phaze returned to the scene with Visible (s) an album in which they take up the music that elevated them as pioneers of a style, el pungle (punk + jungle) and that has been a benchmark for numerous European bands. The album was released in 2020 with a very good reception from the media. As many of the appointments for the presentation tour throughout Europe were postponed, La Phaze has continued to create music and generate a network of collaborations with leading producers in the Sound System scene. The result is a new EP, with which the French have ‘rebelled’ against the current situation. Rebel was published in March.

The Phaze He retired from the stage eight years ago , but its members have continued with individual projects, as musicians and producers. This time has served them to return with the necessary strength to conquer the stages as they already did in their day with songs that are hymns such as’ Psalms and Revolution ‘or’ Rude Boy ‘ .

His live shows are considered one of the best on the European scene. The overwhelming force of its musicians explodes on the dance floor. With that objective they have worked on both albums, the two sides of the same coin. Visible (S) is the commitment to the genuine pungle or electropunk of La Phaze, while Rebel, shows the more electronic side of the band in Sound System format.