LOS 300

Los 300 is a creative artistic project in which its three musicians investigate different and unlimited sonorities, where jazz, Latin rhythms, funk, boogaloo and organic electronics predominate… Sounds like an encyclopedia? Well, live it is above all a great surprise, a discovery that leaves audiences and professionals with their mouths open! Manuel Collados (guitar, bass and vocals), Zeque Olmo (percussions and keyboards) and Jimi García (winds and electropad) stand out for their multi-instrumentalist skills. Through a masterful mastery of the loop, they build their songs live on stage in such a way that the audience believes they are in front of a big band with lots of winds, lots of strings and even more percussion. Hence the origin of its name, The 300. With their playful attitude without losing an ounce of elegance, Los 300 is pure fun, trance and entertainment, offering a very visual, well produced and super-danceable show reminiscent of tropical parties of the 70’s, but with a modern and unparalleled sound. They have just released The Penguin Trip, with which they invite their concert audiences to a journey through Old Havana, the Mississippi Delta, Bogota, Venice, with doses of hot afrobeat, the freshest jazz and elegant electroswing.

LOS 300 – BLANCO INTENSO – Official Music Video

The 300 – Sham Time:

LOS 300 live – “Friday” @ Imagina Funk 2016:

LOS 300 – “Agua que me quemo” (Music video):

The 300 – “Jack, The Fighting Kangaroo” (Videoclip):