The formidable encounter between rock and kuduro

The three components of Throes + The Shine They use every impulse of creativity to build a unique style, which catalyzes an infectious energy that permeates their live shows. Originally from Porto (Portugal) and Luanda (Angola), they base their sound on a fusion that began by mixing kuduro and rock, and continued to expand until reaching influences from a multitude of cultures, from Africa to Europe, through the Caribbean, Asia and the United States. Dance, Afro-rock riffs and tropical bass also travel on his ship.

Throes + The Shine they have always balanced the balance between the frenetic and overflowing of their live shows and their lyrics with the elegance and care of their designs and productions. In his fourth album, “Enza”, the alliance with Sony Music allowed the trio to reach a new level of sound quality and maturity. Besides, and In 2020, they were finalists in the RTP da Cançao Festival, the preliminary phase to represent Portugal in Eurovision.

In 2021, they prepare the fifth album that will be published in the fall. Meanwhile, the new songs can be enjoyed in their live shows from this spring. A work that, without losing sight of its mix of kuduro, rock and electronics, is close to global music due to its dance aspect.