The festival, held in Carcabuey, has been recognized for its work to promote gender equality and diversity.

Sonraíz wins the award that recognizes the musical event of the year that best promotes gender equality and diversity in the Carcabuey and Subbética cordobesa were protagonists in the Fest Awards held in Bilbao as part of the BIZKAIA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC EXPERIENCE (BIME). These awards are given by the Spanish music industry to the musical events of the year. The Sonraíz initiative has won in its first edition the award for the Promotion of Gender Equality and Diversity . This category is chosen by the Association of Women in the Music Industry (MIM) formed by nearly half a thousand professionals in the sector. The Sonraíz festival was also nominated in the following categories: Best Small Format Festival, Best Newcomer Festival, Most Tourist Contribution to the Region, Most Sustainable Festival and Best Parallel Activities. It is the only music event in Cordoba among the more than 150 nominees from all over Spain and Latin America and one of only two Andalusian festivals to have won an award.

Sonraíz wins the fest award for gender equality and diversity at BIME

The Sonraíz festival was held at the beginning of June in the town of Carcabuey. Sonraíz has a strong focus on the protection and recognition of the culture of origin. Culture as a sustainable engine of rural areas and that it favors the protection and dissemination of the pillars that make up this cultureThe main themes of the project are: roots music made by women who explore the oral heritage of their ancestors, historical and natural heritage, gastronomy, handicrafts, plastic arts in general, and the inclusive and egalitarian human landscape.

The Sonraíz line-up consisted 100% of artistic projects led by women with names such as Tanxugueiras, María Arnal, Queralt Lahoz, Ruiseñora, Karmento, Ana Alcaide, Blanca Paloma, Jihan and Lourdes Pastor, among others. Its production team is equal. Parallel activities such as workshops offered by users and monitors of the association Albaida / Subbética Natura and the exhibition of the artist Pepa Cano, are examples of the clear egalitarian approach of Sonraíz.

The Sonraíz festival is an initiative promoted by the Rootsound Music agency and has counted with the collaboration of the City Council of Carcabuey, the Diputación de Córdoba, the Mancomunidad de la Subbética, the Grupo de Desarrollo Rural de la Subbética, CajaSur and the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Protegida Priego de Córdoba. In addition, more than a dozen artisanal producers from the region joined the initiative, as well as the Asociación Albasur Plena Inclusión/ Subbética Natura.

This award is very motivating for the team that makes Sonraíz possible because of the visibility it gives to the festival and to Carcabuey in the largest professional meeting of the Music Industry in the country and in the national and musical media where the results of these awards are published. This recognition adds to another great incentive to continue working to make the Sonraíz experience possible, which is the gratitude and praise that both the public and the artists have dedicated to the festival and the place that hosts it.

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