The booking and management agency Agents 4 Music (A4M), originally founded at the beginning of the millennium in Berlin (Germany) and with its headquarters in Barcelona since 2007, from now on is part of the Rootsound Music agency based in Granada (Spain).

The artists Che Sudaka, Morgane Ji and Banda Senderos , also join the Rootsound Music catalog.

The former director of Agents 4 Music, Markus “Rogue” Rogozinski joins the Rootsound Music team and assumes the functions of responsible for the national and international booking together with the director of Rootsound Music, Rubén Herrán.

In this way, Rootsound Music expands its presence internationally and, thanks to twenty years of experience, offers concert and festival programmers a multifaceted catalog of current artists and bands. The new roster is made up of the following artists: 47Soul, A-WA, Balkan Beat Box, Banda Senderos, Che Sudaka, Eskorzo, Fémina, Francisco el hombre, Ghetto Kumbé, Kumpania Algazarra, La Chiva Gantiva, La Phaze, La Yegros, Los 300, Morgane Ji, Nestior, NOHA, The Skatalites, The Souljazz Orchestra, Throes + The Shine.

We look forward to continued cooperation, please visit to know the entire roster with details and the latest news from the bands that comprise it; let us know the dates, ideas and plans for your concerts.

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