They’ve just released #SURVIVORS with Macaco, a preview of their third LP, The Penguin Trip, which they’ll release in the spring. Tomorrow begins in Madrid , his Jungle Tour, the wildest tour of the band

With a new single under their belt and the forthcoming release of their third LP, Los 300 kick off their wildest tour, The Jungle Tour, this weekend in Madrid — February 26 — at the Guacamayo Tropical Party at Sala Caracol. ‘Survivors’, the preview of the LP that will be released at the end of spring, has had an excellent reception on streaming platforms. The song is a cry for survival on the planet, in an afrobeat key and has been created with Macaco. JJMachuca by Lori Meyers and Carlos Ligero also collaborate in it.

band Los 300 jungle tour

The band Los 300 are three wild animals on stage capable of multiplying by a hundred thanks to the possibilities of the loop and their talent as multi-instrumentalists. His repertoire, full of suggestive Afrobeat, cumbia, salsa, electronic, jazz-funk and psychedelic rhythms, is a proposal that increases its forcefulness live with each beat. The 300 sweep the dance floors of the venues and festivals they step on.

The Penguin Trip

The trio from Granada, made up of components from Eskorzo, will present The Penguin Trip at the end of this spring, a concept album inspired by the musical journey of a penguin around the world and which shows the diversity of music on the different shores. From The Penguin Trip we know several singles and that they are some of the stops that the penguin has made on his journey through the streets of Havana, Santa Marta, Bogotá, Venice and New Orleans.

The Penguin Trip continues the animal trail after his surprising debut with The Monkey Howler Times, and after unleashing thirteen hooks to Latin music and standardized jazz-funk with his elegant The Fighting Kangaroo.

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