Before finishing his next new album, Throes + The Shine have decided to close the curtain on Enza, their previous album, with 13 remixes: ‘Enza Remixes’. They have done it very well accompanied by artists of very different styles based in Portugal. Enza Remixes travels from techno to global bass, house or ambient. These reinterpretations demonstrate the universal appeal of the trio’s music. On the other hand, next year will mark the band’s 10th anniversary celebrations and we can count on the release of new music over the next few months, culminating with the Angolan-Portuguese band’s fifth album at the end of 2021.

album cover enza remixes by Throes + The Shine

Some of these new songs are being enjoyed since this spring in their energetic live shows planned throughout this year throughout Europe. The Portuguese-Angolan trio Throes + The Shine is working on the production of the new album with producers Jori Collignon (Founder Skip & Die) and Pedro Da Linha (producer of Enchufada Records, Ana Moura and Branko, among many). With this new work, Throes + The Shine celebrates its first decade on stage.

Enza Remixes, new album and other projects

But Throes + The Shine have been very busy in this first half of the year. They have finished the Enza Remixes LP for which they have had the collaboration of artists such as DJ Ademar, Selma Uamusse and Sotomayor, among many others. In addition, they have started a tour that has taken them so far through different venues and festivals in our Portuguese neighbors. In this busy semester, the band has also worked on the soundtrack of the play ‘Medio en el Medio’ by Víctor Hugo Pontes, which was released on June 8.

And while all this is happening, Throes + The Shine works on the new themes of the album with which they will celebrate their first decade on stage.

Unique style

The three components of Throes + The Shine They use every impulse of creativity to build a unique style, which catalyzes an infectious energy that permeates their live shows. Originally from Porto (Portugal) and Luanda (Angola), they base their sound on a fusion that began by mixing kuduro and rock, and continued to expand until reaching influences from a multitude of cultures, from Africa to Europe, through the Caribbean, Asia and the United States. Dance, Afro-rock riffs and tropical bass also travel on his ship.

throes + the shine prepare new album after releasing Enza Remixes

Throes + The Shine they have always balanced the balance between the frenetic and overflowing of their live shows and their lyrics with the elegance and care of their designs and productions. In his fourth album, “Enza”, the alliance with Sony Music allowed them to reach a new level of sound quality and maturity. The album was released in 2019.

In 2020 they were finalists in the RTP da Cançao Festival , the preliminary phase to represent Portugal in Eurovision.

Despite everything that happened later in 2021, the band formed by Marco Castro, Mob Dedaldino, André Do Poster has relativized what happened to the world of culture and the result is an album that the musicians describe as “concise and tight, aimed at the dance side of global music ”. They also announce that they will have some important collaborations such as that of the Angolan artist Preto Show. We will be able to listen to this album at the end of this 2021 with which they will celebrate their 10 years of career on stage. While we can enjoy their old songs and the new ones on the tour that started this month.

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