It is the second single from his EP to be called “Pregúntele a la gente”,

a song of freedom and forgiveness

Modern Condemnation it’s the new track from the EP “Pregúntele a la gente” by La Chiva Gantiva , a musical work that was born in a live session at the AB (Ancienne Belgique) in Brussels after many months of confinement. A song that flowed from the heart of La Chiva Gantiva and highlights the dark side in which we live, the polarization of peoples, climate changes and the indifference of many to everything that happens. The condemnation in which we live, due to events that we ourselves have built and do not allow us to be free.

But the new single is also a hymn to freedom and reflection. The band raises the power that each person has to influence the world around them: “If I could, if there were the possibility of changing situations such as the pandemic, injustice, inequality, violence, mistreatment of nature , … If I could do something so that this was not happening, then, we would do it “, explains the band about the new single. For La Chiva Gantiva, it is in the hands of each person to contribute to a change, “because we ourselves have invented this world: with its barriers, borders and ideological prisons, it is our own beliefs that have made us lose our freedom” .

Promo image of the band La Chiva Gantiva

Dice Natalia Gantiva: “Condena Moderna también es una catarsis al perdón, toda esta situación de la pandemia me hizo desear más el querer abrazar a mi padre, a mis amigos… y como no podía hacerlo, entonces las cosas por las cuales me quejaba antes, dejaron de ser relevantes. Ahora lo importante se ha hecho más evidente para mí, y es el que nos tenemos los unos a los otros. El amor es la base de todo, abrazar a los seres queridos, decirles que los amamos mientras podamos y estemos vivos…”

Condena Moderna can now be heard on all digital platforms.

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