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The three multi-instrumentalists launch this Tuesday, May 17, ‘Blanco Intenso’, a new stop on the journey that is their next LP, ‘The Penguin Trip’ . White is the color that surrounds the penguin in its natural habitat; white is the base of the other colors, it is pure light and like this theme, it is a bold and free trip to the subconscious. This is how Manuel Collados, Jimi García and Zeque Olmos describe him, the creators of a single that completes a trilogy that links his next album with the previous two. On their debut album, The Monkey Howler Times (2013), the trio included ‘Azul Intenso’ and their second, The Fighting Kangaroo (2017) contains ‘Rojo Intenso’.

The trio from Granada, who masters the loop with surprising skill, achieves an elegant composition with this enveloping jazz theme that can remind us of some pieces by Saint Germain, Marc Moulin or Laurent Garnier . The cosmopolitan spirit of Los 300 also fuels this new release in which they also find inspiration in such disparate artists as the Japanese Mouse On The Keys or Quantic .

The 300 publish a video clip that accompanies the release of the single, it was shot in a remote cove in Nerja (Cala Chica). This location was chosen because, during the sunset of the day, on this beach the deep blue of the sea transforms into the intense and immense white that can be seen in a video directed by Ruben Herrán . You can see the video here .

‘Blanco Intenso’ is the third advance they have released from their next LP. Last February they released the powerful afrobeat ‘Survivors’ with Macaco and ‘Stop in the Jungle ‘ in March, another psychedelic jazz instrumental. This is the last release before the release of their third LP, The Penguin Trip, due out later this spring.

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