We already have the new dates for Kumpania Algazarra. With the album of Remixes Vol. 2 still warm under the arm, the most partying Portuguese band has just announced the new dates of their summer tour. For the moment, the show of this band, a musical kaleidoscope, will pass through the various European cities. These are the dates of Kumpania Algazarra:

In Spain, they will be in the Gulliver Festival, event dedicated to the traveling culture that is celebrated in Galicia and in which the Portuguese lead the bill.

kumpania algazarra dates

Musical influences of all colors, shapes, geographies, and latitudes are tattooed on the skin of these wonderful musicians. From ska to folk, through Latin rhythms to funk and Afro, from reggae to the heady melodies of the Balkans. They have taken their music to the four corners of the world: Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Spain, Macau, United Kingdom, Serbia, among many others they have already danced with their energetic and vibrant rhythm.

In early 2021, they released the album Remixed Vol. 2 of remixes produced by various national and international artists during the period of seclusion of the pandemic . Shazalakazoo, Mystic Faya, Naty Fred and Shinowatz are some of the authors of the remixes that navigate the worlds of Dub, Electro, Drum´n´bass and electronics usually.

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