The 300 on tour, the three multi-instrumentalists momentarily put aside the studio work of their next album “The Penguin Trip” to tour with those songs and others from their fast-paced repertoire. Almería, Málaga, Granada, Jaén and Huelva will be the destinations of these three beasts of the loop that will present the new songs already published as a preview of the imminent album.

These are the dates of the Los 300 tour, at the moment:

The band from Granada Los 300 de Gira with The Penguin Trip

‘El viaje del penguin’ is the most eclectic and global album of the Granada trio

This LP that will be released at the end of the year will contain, in addition to other songs, the five advance singles that the Granada trio has released in recent months. ‘The Penguin Trip’ is the band’s most global musical journey to date, where tropical and Latin musics meet black music, jazz, desert sounds and cutting edge electronics. A cocktail that will be accompanied by some exclusive vinyl remixes of which a limited edition will be produced.

On the other hand, the trio from Granada has been responsible for creating the tune to Every morning on RNE1 sounds “I never been in Mardigrass”, tune chosen for “Pepa Fernández’s mornings” and they are the authors of Los Danceflooramas del Mr. Wolverine from the Sateli3 program. A song that has been created exclusively for this Radio3 program.

The last known stop of the traveling penguin was ‘Antennas’, a theme inspired by the hyperconnection to the screens that we live during the months of confinement. The band Los 300 posed The Penguin Trip as an imaginary musical journey. Thus, this friendly animal traveled the streets and melodies of Havana, Santa Marta, Bogotá, Venice and New Orleans. No one expected that this musical tour would have to be paused due to the pandemic. Penguins and humans are social animals; how those instinctive impulses to socialize were overturned on the screens is the premise on which the fifth single from The Penguin Trip : ” Antennas and that can be enjoyed live at the concerts that have just been announced.

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