The kaleidoscope of sound

From the streets of Sintra, on the outskirts of Lisbon, comes one of the most thriving projects in our neighboring country: Kumpania Algazarra . His influences are a veritable kaleidoscope of sound: Balkan fury, Arab reminiscences, Latin heat, the refinement of Afrobeat, and the explosiveness of klezmer and ska. Nomadic, multilingual and universal music. And while his music conveys overwhelming optimism and joy, his lyrics are a cry against the injustices that plague the planet. They just released the album Remixes Vol. 2 in which producers and dj’s from all over the globe participate who have given a new shape and rhythm to their fast-paced songs.

They started out as a street band, but soon set out to conquer stages and recording studios, and Kumpania Algazarra did not go badly at all: four studio albums, two remix discs, another live, and a few dozen sweeping performances in some. of the main European festivals have made them famous for not leaving a puppet with a head, or an audience without laces.

In 2019 they presented their album, ‘Let’s Go!’ , and in our country they left us a memorable concert in the Pradera de San Isidro in Madrid before 15,000 people. After the postponement of the dates scheduled for 2020, this year they will tour throughout Europe again.