The Granada band continues its tour with the new show A Fuego Suave, also framed in the celebration of 25 years of career

The Granada Septet Eskorzo publishes ‘7 vientos’ a new single that commemorates the career of the band from Granada. Along with his new show ‘A Fuego Suave’, Eskorzo offers these two musical gifts to his audience to celebrate the 25 years on stage . ‘7 winds’ is a border cumbia that appeals to the strength to resist and to the passion for what is done on the road of life as a driving force. The song is accompanied by a video clip for which they have once again had the same production team as their previous video clips and once again, low the address of Mariquilla Cuevas . In addition, it has made public more dates that add to the tour of his new show “A Fuego Suave” :

This new song commemorates the trajectory of the Granada band. The single appeals to the strength to resist and to the passion for what is done on the path of life as a driving force . For this reason, the rocky stage, punished by winds and high vertical walls is the ideal place to reflect the spirit of the song’s lyrics. The new single has been available on all platforms since last May.

“7 winds” is a song emotionally very important for the band, we wrote it when we were confined last year, at a difficult time for everyone and also for us, ”says Tony Moreno (singer) about the song. “We are seven companions in the band, seven friends, seven winds that push hard and forward this common dream that is Eskorzo ”, adds the singer.

The author of the lyrics is Manuel Collados (guitarist and second voice) explains that “7 vientos’ is the breath that pushes towards hope , it’s a I sing to the resistance and encourages fighting the uncertainty of the journey with learning ”. “It is a song full of hope and positive energy to face these difficult times that we are living,” explains Tony Moreno.

Eskorzo in an image of his new single '7 Vientos'

The other part of the gift that the band “gives to all the people who have followed them all these years” is the show A Fuego Suave.

Exclusive show

On ‘A Soft Fire’ you can enjoy, at low revs, a vision of their most chanted songs through a different sound prism. In his constant exploration of different musical styles, these chameleon musicians they have created a repertoire “just as coherent with itself, be it a bolero, a son montuno, relaxed psychedelia, ‘slow’ rumba, slowed cumbia or terminal tango instead of the usual punk reprisal”, has pointed out the respected musical chronicler of Granada, Juan Jesus Garcia. Afro-Cuban rhythms, border rock, funk-jazz, samba, afrobeat and more cumbia are not lacking .

Of the live show that Granada offered, the band published three versions of A Fuego Suave on all platforms during the month of April: ‘Open wound or scar’, ‘Phantom Menace’ and ‘The one with the love’ .

It is a Exquisite artistic proposal in the musical, but also in the visual : the lighting is the work of the Lorca Prize for Performing Arts for his theatrical lighting design, Felipe Tomatierra and the scenography has been created by Marieta Bautista. The idea of preparing a show of these characteristics is not new for the band they were looking for a show for unique theaters and stages .

After numerous concerts on the tour of Farewell to Cannibal Alert in 2019 , the band has rested on this live show, on the basis of which the essence of the Afrobeat experience, psychedelic paradises and even tropical cannibalism is still found; but now, in the form of a more intimate musical celebration.

What the media say about ‘A Fuego Suave’ :

“They have collaborated containing their dynamism, that boisterous ferocity that characterizes them (…) they have decompressed the material, but giving more space to the arrangements and the level of detail, fine-tuning the developments and with a certain jazzy sophistication”, Ideal Granada

Eskorzo, rhythm machine and detail gear . Guitars, bass, drums and percussion, voices and winds worked in unison to give meaning to songs that, although they lost some of their natural liveliness, they gained in fluency and eloquence ”, Javier Losilla (The Aragón Newspaper)

“The audience that filled the venue had a hard time and it helps to keep their butts glued to their seats”, Gonzalo de la Figuera (The Herald of Aragon)

“Eskorzono only accumulates years and experience, but also a good handful of hymns and many tables on top (…) unrelated to styles and fashions, capable of bringing the most modern indies and the hardest rockers alike to his concerts”, Sonora Alchemy .

“A group with an innate quality and that is knowing how to see beyond”, Ser string

“Different sounds, but with the same attraction as always … They are pure magic”, La Mancha Rock

“Cuando pasen los años, alzaremos la voz y aseguraremos que nosotros estuvimos allí”, Verdadera Locura

“A dull and rainy afternoon turned into an evening full of light”, Un Clavo Ardiendo

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