Francisco el Hombre publishes ‘Roda Viva’ the version of the classic written by the great Chico Buarque as part of the documentary soundtrack “The Coup Factory” (“A Fantastic Coup Factory”). Today, the video clip of this song as delicious as it is combative has been released on his YouTube channel.

Brazil experienced a coup in 1964, when an oppressive military regime took the helm of the largest country in Latin America. Three years later, the singer-songwriter, Chico Buarque, 22, released Roda Viva. The song was a call to action, asking people “to go against the grain until they can’t take it anymore”. Chico Buarque fled the country in self-exile shortly after.

Almost five decades later, Brazilian democracy is collapsing again. A parliamentary coup removed President Dilma in 2016. In 2018, Bolsonaro, a lover of torture and a worshiper of the dictatorship, was elected president, and since then he has done everything possible to destroy Brazilian institutions.

Roda Viva, the song published by Francis the man , is part of the soundtrack of the documentary “The coup factory” draws parallels between ancient and recent events, revealing the role of the media in the destruction of Brazil’s fragile democracy. Roda Viva’s lyrics allude to the cyclical nature of Brazilian history, which is tragically repeated. It also refers to Brazilian individuals caught in an inescapable loop in an inescapable loop in their own homes, with their opinions controlled by television.

The Brazilian band Francisco, the man releases 'Roda Viva'
The title of the song translates to “Circle of Life”

Circular objects, such as pots and pans and large satellite dishes, are protagonists in the documentary film and also in the video clip of the song. The satellite dishes represent the media, while the pots and pans represent street protesters manipulated by the media, who beat those utensils demanding the removal of President Dilma.

Francisco El Hombre publishes ‘Roda Viva’ at the height of the Brazilian band

Ju Strassacapa’s magnificent trill is combined with elaborate vocal chords for mesmerizing results. The band has also incorporated bachata rhythms and the piano of Rodrigo Rojas, from Chile. They took advantage of the cyclical nature of the song, giving each sequence a different tone: a chapel voice arrangement, guitar arrangements, keyboards, and so on. The band crafted a multi-layered musical narrative, in keeping with the song’s lyrics and Brazil’s complex history. Mateo Piracés-Ugarte describes it as “the most complex song” that he has produced, and also the one that makes him most proud. Rolling Stone Brasil magazine has chosen Roda Vida as the 26th best Brazilian song of all time.

During 2020, the band Francisco, the man has published 11 songs with different bands from Brazil and LATAM. Highlights the latest single, Vou Pra Cima, with Sidney Magal as well as that of ‘Despedida’ dedicated to the departure of one of the founding members of the popular Brazilian band.

Francisco the man publishes ‘Roda Viva’ in a prolific moment and with a lot of following. His song, nominated for the 2016 Latin Grammys Triste, Louca o Má, has returned to the present thanks to a very popular television program.

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