The duo formed by Aless and Franco Felici launch ‘El Ritmo Latino’ together with Hit La Rosa

Cosmic Wacho Duo

At Rootsound Music we celebrate Cosmic Wacho joining our office. The duo, based in Malaga, is formed by the Spanish Alejandro Domínguez (Aless) and the Argentine, Franco Felice. Conceived in full confinement (2020) and with a background far from the tropical roots, the two producers and musicians come together to form a project that serves as a bridge between Latin sounds and the urban avant-garde.
Cumbia, as the favorite daughter of Latin American rhythm, serves as a mother ship to transport Cosmic Wacho ‘s conceptual mix of lyrics and sound that recreate a musical universe unheard of on the current scene. They’ve just released ‘El rimo latino’, the prelude to the release of their debut album, the single is a jungle cumbión, loaded with ancestral sounds that take root with the most current urban rhythms.

So transcendental and, at the same time, as up-to-date as usual, Cosmic Wacho have premiered “The Latin rhythm” , a sort of shamanic song, as if it had just come out of a remote thousand-year-old jungle. Allied with Hit La Rosa, a Peruvian tropical psychedelic band in which they have found a sister across the pond, the duo has populated this single with a fauna brimming with traditional instruments and whispering voices. All of them warn us, as if it were a mantra, that “the Latin rhythm is strong, the Latin rhythm bites!”.

The bridge between the Old and the New continent that Cosmic Wacho builds with each single narrows even more in this new installment. And it is that we receive the blessings of “The Latin rhythm””, a new example of the qualities of the formation to navigate the warmest rhythms, inherited from tradition and popular folklore, passed through the filter of current sounds. A sign that is already a house brand for the Spanish-Argentine duo.

As if that were not enough, this time they have teamed up with Hit La Rosa , a renowned Peruvian tropical psychedelic band in which, according to the formation, “they have found a sister on the other side of the pond” . Together with her they have billed what we can call an authentic jungle cumbión, full of congas, guitars, cowbells and whispering voices. A kind of ancestral song whose voice reminds us that “the Latin rhythm is strong, the Latin rhythm bites” .

For all these reasons, we can affirm without a doubt that Cosmic Wacho have found the perfect balance, thanks to that providential ability to mix electronic sounds with elements of Latin American folklore. And it is that, along with “El Ritmo Latino” “, the duo has also given us treasures such as “Sirena” , “When you leave” and “It knows your name” , which we received last year. Already in this 2022, the duo returned with “Clouds” , a song that also came along with a suggestive video clip , filmed halfway between Spain and Argentina , the native countries of its members: Alejandro Fernández and Franco Felici .


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