The Colombian trio, Ghetto Kumbé visits Europe during the months of October and November to present their first self-titled album. Among a wide and excellent proposal from all over the planet, the band has been selected to participate in 2 of the most important industry fairs to present their first and only LP released last year by ZZK Records live.

Ghetto Kumbé returns to Spain after his last tour that led to Etnosur and South Pyrenees, among other European events. This time they come to present their first album. Work that was highlighted as one of the releases of the week by the prestigious music critic, Javier Losilla, for El País, and was chosen as one of the best albums of 2020 by the publication Sounds and Colors and by NPR . In addition, it has won the praise of journalists and music selectors of media such as Gladys Palmera and Radio3. With this cover letter, it’s no wonder Ghetto Kumbé has been chosen also by the Transoceanic Laboratory between more than 400 bands on the two shores.

The Ghetto Kumbé show

ghetto kumbé returns in autumn

The music of Ghetto Kumbé prompts you to undertake a joyous journey through time and space, where borders no longer exist and drums and dance abound. The group consists of singer / producer El Guajiro, percussionist Chongo, and West African percussion teacher, Doctor Keyta. This triad of veteran musicians grew up on the rich Caribbean coast of Colombia, musically and culturally.

Ghetto Kumbé’s music seamlessly fuses traditional sounds with modern electronic aesthetics and rhythms. For example, their use of call-and-response lyrics comes from the rich African and Afro-Colombian tradition called gaita, and the hand drums and fast rhythms they incorporate also come from Afro-Colombian traditions.

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