Mucho Corazón is Nestior's new song that is a jingle on Canal Fiesta Radio this summer

The singer, songwriter and producer from Granada is releasing a new single, ‘Mucho Corazón’, at the same time as he announces his first dates for July. The 17 will premiere his new show on the Etnosur stage (Alcalá la Real) and on 25 will be at Live 360 in Granada where Nestior He will carry his electronic champeta, futuristic rumba and musical gazpacho in which melodic reggae, pop, nostalgic trap, miscegenation and badass reggaeton are not lacking.

‘A lot of heart’ It is a single that Nestior kept and that he had composed with his previous band, ‘Sonido Vegetal’. He has recovered it after a question asked by the model and singer, Breeze Fenoy , in the program ‘ Go get up ‘ in which the Granada-born collaborates daily. “How can you create a new theme for the show on a daily basis?” was the question that made him think about this song and that was his answer.

Much Heart of Nestior

As Nestior explains, “this single tells the life of a person who dedicates to art, to music and to do it you have to pay a high price . You have to dedicate a lot of time to it, leave some things behind; sometimes even your own life because in the end, one, as an artist, owes himself to the public, to the people. “The artist from Granada reflects in this song on” what is the energy that drives the engine to continue creating, to firmly bet on an artistic career. The answer is that it comes from the heart. ”

Nestior defends that “you have to put your heart into the things that each person does, you have to add intentionality and passion to each act, each day.” Thus, ‘Mucho Corazón’ is an energizing and vitalistic, passionate and luminous rumba that has been chosen by Canal Fiesta Radio (Canal Sur) as a jingle for the summer season. The song has the collaboration of Manolo Bocao and Beni, former colleagues from his previous project, ‘Sonido Vegetal’.

This new song is part of the repertoire that the Etnosur and Live 360 public will be able to dance and enjoy this July.

Prolific Nestior

‘Mucho Corazón’ joins Nestior’s latest singles: ‘Buenos dias’ and ‘La Teta Power’ which has become a breastfeeding anthem on both sides of the Atlantic. None of these three songs is included in his also recent LP ‘Reversible’ a job that was born in times of quarantine and creative confinement. A moment where time joined forces with art to unleash almost a hundred songs, of which Nestior selected 15 for this album. Nestior decides to title this album using the term “Reversible”, whose concept permeates all the artwork, (both in digital and physical format).

All the logos and texts are reflected in specular writing (from right to left), and as a novelty, in the physical digipack format, a mirror is included with which to give meaning to the work. Nestior wanted to convey, through this visual metaphor, that the negative meaning of everything that is happening at this time can be reversed. It reminds us that things are not how they are, but how they are seen, and encourages us to use any strategy or tool to be able to have a meaningful and above all, constructive perspective.

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